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HomeConcierge Pro offers a unique monthly preventative maintenance solution that removes the burden of home maintenance for those who…

  • Don’t know how to maintain their home.
  • Don’t have time to maintain it.
  • Aren’t physically able to maintain it.
  • Or simply don’t want to maintain it.

HomeConcierge Pro also partners with various trusted and professional vendors to provide additional comprehensive services. Through our partnership agreements, you receive competitively priced services with insured, bonded, and licensed professionals!

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“Your ONE-STOP Solution” means you won’t have to make multiple calls or pay multiple vendors, we handle it all for your convenience. HomeConcierge Pro offers the following services:

Monthly Preventative Maintenance Services

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Big shout out to HomeConcierge Pro. My stepfather just recently passed, and my mom is over an hour from me. She’s 71, and all on her own.
Mal from @HomeConcierge Pro happily goes over to her house to change all of her air filters, which are in 9 or 10 foot ceilings. He replaces all sorts of light bulbs in her tall ceilings, checks everything in the house from windows, caulking, doors to appliances, GFCI outlets, and just a whole list of normal home maintenance items.
He discovers that her GFCI’s aren’t working, her windows are in serious need of caulk, her doors are letting air in like crazy, there’s no fire extinguishers in the house, no carbon monoxide detectors, etc…
I asked him to correct all of these things, then signed up for his regularly scheduled service, where he will go to mom’s house, change her air filters, check everything over, change light bulbs as needed, and coordinate any other maintenance and/or light remodel services she wants.
What a life saver!! And totally reasonable on the cost.
I’m highly recommending his service to anyone in Houston who either has aging parents, is aged themselves, or simply is unsure of the home repair items their house might need, or doesn’t have time to deal with it. Super guy, super service!
Jay Harper, Montgomery, Texas

“I am so pleased to recommend HomeConcierge Pro to you. We had them come out and do our initial visit and filter change and we’re so happy.

They were professional and courteous. They were very thorough as they went through the house and checked all of our fixtures. Then they went outside and did the exterior and were meticulous with the reporting – we received a very detailed, professional report after their visit.

I just do not have the time to make sure that my house is sound and that everything is taken care of so I am really glad that HomeConcierge Pro can do that for me.  I was wondering if this company was going to suggest all kinds of repairs that I didn’t need. I was pleasantly surprised that they were actually concerned with my house and not just trying to sell me something. Wholeheartedly recommend this company.”

Chris Williams, Montgomery, Texas

“This company comes from excellence. My washer broke and I called 2 other places first with ridiculous times for service like 5-days to a week. One service wanted to sell me a warranty for $800. Before coming out, I called my friend Janet and she put me in touch with this company. They were here in an hour, worked an hour and charged me an honest fee. Very nice and friendly people. I felt safe with the professional and friendly attitude. He even cleaned under my heavy machine where I had spilled laundry soap and could not get to it . The are the “Ritz Carlton” quality .”

Lisa McLendon, Carlton Woods, Spring, Texas

“I cannot say enough about what a great service this is. Some project my husband and I have been meaning to get to but just couldn’t were completed and the work was beyond our expectation. Thank you. We will be using this service again.”

Sheila Blue, Magnolia, Texas

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